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Rules - Rental Fees

Rules for using the Community Center

1. All rules must be followed or the deposit will not be sent back or using the Community Center in the future will be denied.

2. Absolutely no alcohol of any kind allowed in the building.

3. All doors and windows in the building must be checked and locked.

Picture of Community Center

The Sumner Community Center. Click for a larger picture.
4. Floor's in the gym, kitchen, hallway, and bathrooms must be swept and must also be mopped if anything is spilled on them. (Floor cleaner under small sink in the kitchen)

5. All lights turned out and checked in gym, kitchen, bathrooms, and hallway. (Bathroom lights work separately)

6. Bathroom's picked up and toilets flushed. Both bathroom doors must be left open.

7. Kitchen counters, sink, stove, refrigerator, tables, and chairs must be wiped off.

8. All trash in kitchen, gym, hallway, and bathrooms must be taken care of and new lawn and leaf size trash bags (provided by the renter) put in the containers.

9. No one is allowed to climb or set on the shelves in the hallway. Children playing in the hallway must be watched by and adult and all times.

10. All damages are the responsibility of the renter and as such, a bill will be sent for the amount of damages.

Rental Fees

  Residents Nonresidents
Reunions/Dinners Refundable Deposit: $50.00
Rental: $50.00
Open Houses/Receptions Refundable Deposit: $50.00
Rental: $100.00
Basketball and Gym Games Rental: $20.00 $20.00
Lodges/Birthday Club/Senior Citizens $5.00 per month,
plus $50.00 Annual Donation
Scouts/4h/Children's Club Free - But must have sponsor over 21 years of age to take responsibility Same


Conference Room A

Rental $25.00 Deposit
$25.00 Rent
$25.00 Deposit
$25.00 Rent

If you would like to rent the community center, please call Carlene McGill at (989)463-4531.